The opening position

Pieces line up in R-K/Q-R order as per the square board, with pawns guarding a “back row” which effectively has been folded back on itself, creating four continuous ranks/rings.

The “promotion line” for the pawns is as per the square board (ie: they must move six spaces to the “back row”).

The promotion lines and starting positions are designated by the vertical line of the cross of the City of Lincoln official civic crest.

Annotations are used to record games, with rings listed a-d and cells numbered 1-16.

 2. The Queen

As in square chess, the Queen is a versatile and powerful piece that can move in any direction.

The Queen is restricted to a maximum of four cells on the curved diagonal, and from the inner to outer ranks.

She can sweep around the entire board – attacking and defending in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions.

 3. The King

The King moves one cell in any direction. There is no Castling.

 4. The Rook

The Rooks, like the Queen, can make unrestricted sweeps around an entire ring in either direction.

Like the Queen, they can attack and defend in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions – simultaneously.

Rooks can also move between the inner and outer ranks.

They are strongest when they work with together or with the Queen on the same ring.

“Castling” is not permitted.