Even the top players sometimes have off-days, when they fail to spot their opponent’s crafty plans and discover that – what they thought was an unassailable position on the board – was really nothing of the sort.

You don’t have to be an expert chess player to make your mark at the annual World Circular Chess Championships. All you need is a cool head, a bit of luck, and a comfy chair.

So how would you measure up in next year’s championship finals?

To find out, why not try our “SPOT THE NEXT MOVE” challenge.

Take a look at these (jumbled up) snapshots from a recent championship game, between Hertfordshire county player John Beasley and Lincolnshire stalwart David Carew (not pictured above).

Remember that tournament games are played on the clock, and each player has 30 minutes in which to complete their game. So give yourself between 2 and 5 minutes to think about the options, and then click on the link to see if you were able to predict the (devastatingly clever) next move.